Switzerland Attracts Highly Valuable Foreign Investment

shutterstock_221369053_zurich from bellevue (800x533)When assessing a business location, foreign investors look at a series of factors, e.g. economic structure, political system, workforce potential and quality of life. In addition, expertise and growth within the company’s sector are also important.

Some countries, like Switzerland, offer ideal conditions in all these areas and therefore result highly attractive to foreign companies. The result: Have the chance to welcome only organizations which bring added-value, for instance in terms of employment opportunities. However, only a few nations can afford to apply such an “only for the best” rule.

According to the IBM Global Location Trends Report, which outlines the latest trends in corporate location selection, Switzerland is the world’s second best country when it comes to the added value and knowledge intensity of the jobs created by investment projects. The country also claimed first place by a wide margin in the European rankings for location factors released by Global Entrepreneurship Monitor.

The number of new companies in Switzerland perfectly reflects such results: more than 40,000 new organizations were entered into the commercial register in 2014 alone, of which over a third constitute foreign investors.

Fuente: www.s-ge.com

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